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Welcome to Naklo Primary School

Naklo Primary School

Naklo Primary School was established in 1997 and is the only primary school in Municipality of Naklo. It is a part of Gorenjska region countryside and a 30 km drive to our capital Ljubljana. There are 526 students attending it this year including the two smaller subsidiary schools.  Apart from primary school, the institution also manages a kindergarten in two different locations.

The management and teachers have been successfully cooperating with the Ministry of Education, National Education Institute and other counterparts that manage our educational system. In 1999, Naklo Primary School was one of the first schools who started a trial nine-year programme of primary education. Their teachers prepared workshops and training for other teachers through a network of mentoring schools and presented their work at the national level. In the last few years they are successfully implementing German as the second foreign language in the last three years of schooling. They managed to carry out four Comenius projects and several other projects such as Active Citizenship, V.O.D.A., The Duke of Edinburg’s Award, Social and Cultural Capital etc.

In the last two years the school has actively collaborated with the Ministry of Education on three projects, namely Bralna pismenost dealing with reading literacy, E- šolska torba dealing with implementing e-books and e-tools with the emphasis on science subjects which enabled eight-graders (all 57 of them) to use tablets during their lessons and the last but not least, EUfolio which enables teachers to concentrate more on formative monitoring of students’ progress and are able to practise the skill of critical thinking, one of the fundamental skills of the 21st century.

Our school and playground

The school is well equipped with computers and teachers have been using a computer program to manage all the necessary documentation for the second year now, meaning they have their own laptops and are relatively computer literate.

The school cooperates with the local community and co-shapes the cultural image of the area. In 2014, based on all the cultural achievements, they were granted the title of cultural school and won a special award for achievements in the area of folk dancing. The title remains theirs until 2017.


The school has been active and efficient in many different projects, be it locally, nationally or internationally, since its beginnings in 1997. This school year they have successfully concluded their fourth Comenius project. In the first two projects they were partners and in the last two the coordinators. In other projects, led by either the Ministry of Education or the National Education Institute, they cooperate as partners albeit very active ones, as they co-shape the content and its course. All the employees know what it means to cooperate on such projects and it is crucial that almost all the teachers, and not just a few, are involved in every project.


History of our school  

  • 1859 Establishment of the first school with only one classroom.
  • 1903 The first enlargement of the school, pupils learn in two classes.
  • 1910 Construction of a new, bigger school with four classes, which was in the following decades always a branch of a bigger school in the nearby town.
  • 1992 The first ideas and discussions about building the whole primary school for more than 400 pupils. 
  • 1997 Erection of Naklo own primary school, with the whole range of classes that became one of the most beautiful schools in Slovenia.
  • 2002 After five years the school became too small, the extension was needed.
  • 2004 We got fully and beautifully equipped playground. 
  • 2014 The extension of subsidiary school in Duplje was finished.
    We got a new nursery in Naklo for 200 children from 11 months to 6 years.
all photos taken by Andraž Žnidar

Basic data:

Name of institution: Osnovna šola Naklo
Naklo Primary School
Address: Glavna cesta 47, 4202 Naklo, Slovenia
Telephone: +386(0)4 277 01 00
Fax: +386(0)4 277 01 33
Web site: www.os-naklo.si
Contact person: Mrs. Tatjana Lotrič Komac, M. Sc.
E-mail:   tatjana.lotric@os-naklo.si
OŠ Naklo
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